One of the WORST FPS Games I Have Ever Experienced

One of the WORST game I have ever set my hands on is Combat Arms. The game has so-so graphics, this game is no different than any other F2P FPS games. I recommend choosing any other FPS game over this.

~ There are many cheaters, I ran into 4 players using aim bots and wall hacks. An aim bot is a program that automatically targets the enemy very precisely. A wall hack is another type of program that allows the user to shoot through walls and any other objects. I truly will never understand why anybody would ever use a cheat/hack. The point of an FPS is to play and have fun, show off your REAL skills, challenge friends, etc. Not cheat.

~ The graphics are so-so for this game, they could have done a lot better.

~ There is a decent selection of guns but another huge problem is, even when you have all these nice powerful guns, it takes like 7-10 bullets to kill someone, it is ridiculous.

~ The support for this game is very poor. I reported one of the hackers for using a cheating program and 5 games later, hes still using it! I cant see why its so hard to get a moderator online to ban this cheater! Their support team gets a F from me.

~ I wish they would improve the game lobby layout. It is extremely annoying to see all these misleading ads and a bunch of jumbled buttons.

My rating for this game is obviously going to be low after all the ranting I did. I will give them a huge 2 out of 10.

Thanks for reading everyone.